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I never meant to be your savior

I said I had a dirty mouth

6/3/07 09:24 am

Those are my kitties.

5/13/07 01:18 pm - Please post to this

Ok. I have already posted this some time ago, but I would like to do it again since the only person that responded was Kati. I think this ought to be fun and a nice (controlled) walk down memory lane.

Leave your name and
1. I'll respond with something I like about you.
2. I'll tell you what song or movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll ask you a question.
4. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
5. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
6. I'll describe our final fight to the death.
7. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal.

5/13/07 12:45 pm

So we have finally moved to northern Virginia. I am not even a mile away from where I work, so that is nice. My roommate Jeremy put in a transfer (he was a ticket agent in Alexandria) so now he will also be working at the station as a ticket agent. My fiance got a job at Shoppers which is a local grocery store that is across from the train station. He starts on Monday, which is tomorrow, and they are going to be train him this week to work in the front end as a cashier and then next week they are going to put him in the meat department. MmMmMm my baby is going to be coming home smelling like blood and raw meat. I'm such a carnivore.

Also, I am buying my friends 97 Cadillac Catera. Its got less than 90 thousand miles on it. Not too bad at least for now.Also, I am about to start classes with University of Phoenix online. I am going for my Bachelors in Accounting. Hopefully AMTRAK will pay for it. Did you know that if you are 24 or younger and dont have kids or a husband yet, you are still considered dependent and have to know all your parents tax information to apply for financial aid? Wow. I never thought I would ever see the word "dependent" in regards to me ever again, especially when it comes to my parents. I make more money than my mother for fucks sake. But, I do live in a more expensive area. I guess it all evens out.

I need an all-in-one printer. & a digital camera. & some extra money. Who doesnt need that?

4/20/07 04:08 pm

Ok. So I have now finally moved to northern Virginia. I was living in Maryland (in the ghetto) but now im living right down the street from where I work in a much nicer area. (_insert the Jeffersons "Movin on Up" theme here_)

Also, along with the move, I have gone crazy with my spending and bought a desktop Viao and have the internet. So, Im around if anyone wants to talk. It seems like forever since I have been on the internet. I also have a webcam so I think I am going to get some updated pictures and also some of Brandon. 

Thats about it for now.

3/19/07 07:58 pm - Holy Shit

Wow.. I dont even want to know how long it has been since i wrote in this. 

I am about to move to Virginia and out of the ghetto I live in currently in Maryland right by DC. I cant wait. It is so exciting. I have a friend that has a computer that I am on right now so I will be getting on more regularly.Write me everyone... I miss you all soooo much.

8/24/06 04:09 pm

Ok. Havent had a computer since I moved into Pookies, so I finally got a chance to go to the library, so here I am.

Brandon is up here now, which makes me really happy. I have gotten 2 new tats which puts the total at 9. Still working on getting a car. I am going to put my cell number here in case anyone wants to call me. I work a lot, and I am sorta bad at calling people back, but here is the number anyways.


Thats all folks.

5/21/06 05:20 pm

Dude, I think I know this girl! (www.apneatic.com) Someone check this out and tell me this is Amanda Pemberton from Cy-Fair.

Anyways, so I wasnt able to go to work for like a week and half, so as soon as they let me come back, I doubled out. What that means is I went on 2 trips back to back. So, I left on Tuesday and got back on Saturday (that equals 5 days on the train). Wow..

But, I need the money now. I am about to move in with Pookie (my buddy Jeremy that I met at ES Job Corps) at the end of this month and I am also trying to get Brandon up here. Things with him and I are starting to get strained, and I cant wait for him to be up here with me. But he should be here with me as soon as I move in with Pookie. It isnt a very nice neighborhood that I am moving too (high-crime area) but thats ok. It will do for now. I just want Brandon with me. I cant take it being away from him. 

Oh yeah, and Frances (aka Snack Pack) is getting a divorce. That little piece of news completely threw me off. But she is still moving to North Carolina and trying to come see me soon. Wow, she is only a year older than me and she is about to be a divorcee. But, rather than rush into the marriage with Brandon, I have resolved myself to wait a while before we tie the knot. Everyone who reads this probably knows how impatient I am, but I am resolved to do this. 

Ok, thats about all. I have to go back to work tomorrow, so I am going to go finish my laundry.

5/9/06 10:05 am

So... here is what is going on.

So, I was supposed to be on a flight last Friday to go home to Texas. I decided to go to work on Wednesday, so that the train would be back in on Friday and I wouldnt have to be back on the train until Monday, so I wouldnt necessarily be asking for any extra time off. (Lord knows I cant afford that right now) Well, the train ended up being nine hours late on Friday, so I flew out Saturday morning. (p.s. what really sucked about the train being that late was the job that I was working when it happened is the all night position, which starts working at 1:30 a.m. and is on the clock until the train gets to the station. my damn luck) So, I get on the flight Saturday morning, we taxi out to the runway, and then we sit there. Apparently, there were some storms in Houston that they were trying to avoid, so we sat on the runway for almost an hour before taking off. So, my flight was late. (This is where I start to wonder if I am cursed.) I get there, my mom picks me up, we drive all the way to Friendswood and get to see about the last 15 minutes of my brothers soccer game, where he almost passed out from dehydration. We then drove to Spring for my grandfathers surprise wedding, but everyone already knew. My family cant keep secrets, even from each other. ravendragonstar came by and hung out, then we left and went to her house, where she cut my hair. Not bad for a cosmotology novice!! :)

Then we went by my cousins apartment and drank beer and watched Robot Chicken. Cool stuff. I was supposed to get on a flight in the afternoon on Sunday, but the flight was overbooked, so I barely made it home Monday. It was mighty close, as in I took the last seat. I get here to Virginia and notice that I am in a lot of pain. I wont go into too much detail about it (turns out I had a Bartholin's Gland Cyst, if you really want to know what it is, look it up :(  ) So, I went to the emergency room last night at the suggestion of the nurse that I spoke to on the Nurses Hotline that my medical insurance provides. Since it was so late at night by this time, I really didnt have any other choice but the emergency room, so I got there at about 10:30 p.m. They take my vitals around 2 in the morning, and then I fell asleep. I finally got into the emergency room around 9:30 this morning, and they drained it (OUCH) and gave me some antibiotics and some pain medicine. So, I caught a cab and now im home. What a messed up couple of days. I was supposed to be at work Monday, but I didnt make the flight, so I thought I would be at work today, and now that isnt happening. They gave me a note to give to my boss that said that I needed 2 days. I am happy, but at the same time, I cant afford it.  I am really not making this money fast enough. 

When it rains, it pours. Sorry, had to be cliche for a moment. I am all hopped up on Vicodin, so I have an excuse.

Pizza's here!!! Gotta go.

4/26/06 12:15 pm

ok.. so here is what is going on now. 

Still working. Im still trying to give my job a chance to grow on me. It has been really difficult. The people that I work with are the main problem. They have taken advantage of my ignorance of the job and the way things work to the point where I am getting really frustrated. I have been looking at getting other jobs, but as of right now, I know I am not going to quit until I have something else lined up. This job just pays too good, but no paycheck is worth the emotional and physical effects I am experiencing right now. There are times when I love this job and sometimes when I hate it, so I am just hanging in there. 

Im looking for an apartment right now, and that is a whole other issue. My landlord, Dora, used to work with me on the train. She got fired almost 3 weeks ago, so I feel like I am about to be put into a situation where she is going to be asking more money of me then I can afford. My mother wants me to come home on the 5th, so I am also trying to work that out. I was hoping there might be a way to get Brandon to come to Houston as well, but I dont think that it is going to happen. I really miss him and want to see him. Damn, I need an apartment and a car.  Oh, I had to give up my car, because it was taking me a lot more time and money to get my drivers license straightened out then I thought. This sucks.


thats all for now.

3/29/06 06:28 pm

Things are a little crazy with me lately. Here is a crash course in whats going on. 

Latest News
I got a car. There is a lady that I work with, her name is Sandy. When the train got in from my last trip, she kidnapped me and took me with her to Maryland where she lives. I told the situation that I am in lately (needing a car and a better place to stay) and the next day, after going to dealerships and finally to a guy that does "buy here, pay here" financing, I have been able to acquire a 95 Oldsmobile Achieva. Not bad. 
But, there is only one little catch. Well, little isnt the right word. I found out that my TX license is revoked. I know that I have been behind in paying off fines, so I called them today to see what I could do. Turns out, there is a law in Texas that requires drivers that have certain violations to pay a surcharge for 3 years. I didnt know that. Well, I started the payment plan with them, and hopefully this will mean that I can keep the car and the insurance. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Living Situation
Well, as I type, I am in the process of moving in with my coworker Dora. She is only charging $250 a month and I have the internet to keep me entertained. It is a bitch moving all this stuff around, but I am making due. I am happy to be out of my present living situation (not enough room/privacy). 

Everything Else
I miss my fiance Brandon. Its good to know that our relationship is still going strong even though we are so far from each other. I miss Job Corps surprisingly enough. This job is not really what I expected. It seems that maybe being a part of a union isnt all it is cracked up to be. It seems that no matter what my skills are, they wont even look at me because I havent been with the company for 20+ years. This seniority shit sucks. I like what I am doing (Train Attendant), dont get me wrong. I just dont like it as much as I thought. Plus, being gone all the time is starting to get to me. I get no rest, and right now im just worn out. Plus, when I want to start my family, I dont really want to be gone all the time. Additionally, I did not just spend a year and a half in job corps getting all these certifications and experience, and the only skill that I am using here in my job that I learned from Job Corps was how to make a bed. I feel like I am being grossly underused. But, you cant beat the money. I am afraid that is why some people just wont leave this job. They hate you and they hate what they are doing, but they wont leave because they like the money too much. It almost feels like a trap. I dont know. These are just some things that are going through my head. Even with all the negative, I know this is how I felt about Job Corps when I first started. So, I am giving it more time before I pass judgment. 

Sorry for rambling on so much.

If you would like to make donations to the "Virginia is too damn expensive" fund, contact me and let me know. LOL

Anyways, thats all for now.

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